It ‘s from a Mondrian painting that was born the inspiration for the painted walls of this room, study room of an art collector .
Although very popular, though often imitated and trivialized, Mondrian’s paintings show a complexity that belies their apparent simplicity. The paintings are not representative, it is known which consist of rectangular forms of red, yellow, blue or black, are actually the result of a stylistic evolution that occurred in the course of almost thirty years, to continue beyond this point the same until the end of his life.

It has not been easy to be guided by: the walls here were divided into regular and irregular manner, taking into account weight and symmetry, drawn in pencil and then painted by hand. The colors used are the primary colors: yellows, reds and blues.
The base color has been left natural gray color , with some white light panels, creating a break. The black has been replaced by gray.
For the curtains of this room beautiful fabric Embroidered Suzani Yellow takes over the yellow in the walls, warms up the atmosphere .
The tussah silk due to its irregular base fits well with the flavor of the walls white washed.
The design Embroidered Suzani Yellow is from the Russia collection .
Decorations on the walls: Alfonso Orombelli, Idarica Gazzoni, Claudia Viganò.