The designs of the Arjumand collection can be made in different colors, on request.
Designs can be printed on different fabrics: heavy linen, linen voile, natural linen, tussah silk, silk wool linen and velvet.
Is important to keep in mind that the color of the base fabric affects printed colors.
Send us a color swatch reference in order to better understand your needs, we will do a test print.

herringbonecream_more_1 herringbonecream strikeoff_tirella2 strikeoff_titellaesempio2 sashrose_dark-MOD customadecolours-stikeofftirella-MOD sashrose_cord carrelagesrouges_wallpaperandfabrics-MOD custommade_wallpaperorfabrics-carrelagerouge-MOD stikeoff_tirellaimmagine neutraltree_gold neutraltree_indigo neutraltree patmosflower_black tussahsilkjpg custom_coulours_sulinonaturale-MOD customade_colours_imperial_linonaturale-MOD customcolours_russia_printedonlinonaturale2-MOD miaoflowerwhite-MOD miaoembroideriewhite-MOD colourpalette960x800