Design ‘In the Garden’ wallpaper

We are honored to present “In The Garden” ,

Wallpaper mat panels width cm.100 , custom made on order , adaptable to wall height , as possible due to panoramic design proportions .

full design repeat in large : cm 535,7   x  height cm 270 .

a collaboration with San Patrignano Design Lab



                     full repeat horizontal cm 535,7   x  height cm 270 .


 This marvelous panoramic design inspired by seeing  Casa di Livia  frescos ,  in Palazzo Massimo in the National Museum in Rome .

The frescoes of the underground nymphaeum of the villa of Livia are a group of wall paintings made in
fresco and found in the underground nymphaeum of Livia’s villa in Prima Porta, Rome, in 1863.

Of great importance both for the completeness and for the quality of the execution, they are the most
ancient Roman garden paintings ever, as they can be dated to 40-20 BC.

The painting of illusionistic gardens, well documented in Roman art, perhaps derived from oriental models (examples of lower quality are found in some tombs in the necropolis of Alexandria).

The large underground hall, measuring 5.90 x 11.70 meters, was built for Livia Drusilla, the third wife
of Emperor Augustus. We do not know the ancient use of the room, which is accessed by a descending
staircase. On the walls only the access door opens and there are no windows: it may be, however,
that there was a skylight in the barrel vault. Perhaps here there was a cool place to shelter during
the summer heat; some geometric stalactites that crown the upper part of the wall must have perhaps given the impression of a cave

a few ideas to imagine this amazing decoration in our days and forever


For over forty years San Patrignano has
been saving lives of young people through
artistic craftsmanship,
some of them have discovered to be
"Masters of Art".
The profound vitality of the artisan sectors
is testified by new people
who have transformed their experience in
San Patrignano
as a way to save lives and sharing their
personal history
allowing others to understand their
potential and discover their new passions.
At San Patrignano everything is made by
new generations have been able to learn
traditional techniques and rethink them in
new ways;
moving towards the future, using
designs and painting with the latest
The collaboration between Arjumand and
San Patrignano has begun from the
founder Idarica Gazzoni
to enrich the workshops with new tools
and training.
Then, the first panoramic decor came to
life sharing one's imaginary world;
made up of travels, love of paintings and
It's the first step of a journey that considers
man into the center of important values
that will lead us to the exploration of
creativity and of new scenarios.
Thanks to the decorative and artistic
mastery of workshops,
besides new collection that will be outlined,
we also have had the opportunity to
structure others projects very delicately,
considering the complexity of the work and
the skills necessary to develop it.
This collaboration not only helps the
community of San Patrignano,
but above all, Arjumand wants to enhance
the value of manual work
and the Italian craftsmanship of the new
generations to come.