Inside Milano @Vendome press @Nicolo Castellini Baldissera @Guido Taroni

ottobre 2020

Inside Milan, le case più belle di una città che sprigiona creatività, stile ed energia

Alle loro dimore “preziose” è dedicato Inside Milan (Vendome Press), nato dall’incontro tra Nicolò Castellini Baldissera, pronipote dell’architetto Piero Portaluppi, e il fotografo Guido Taroni, nipote di Giovanni Gastel a cui dedica il libro.


Grazie per le bellissime parole e per avere il ricordo della mia amatissima casa !


…Idarica has the type of intuitive design style that makes decorators
quake with envy. Although she has now moved to Bologna to be closer
to her family (to a stunning new place that earned her a cover feature
in The World of Interiors), it felt essential to include her wonderful
old apartment among our Milanese interiors, nonetheless.
As a young woman, Idarica developed a talent for mural design,
as evidenced by her living room scene of draped fabrics and distant
vistas. But over the years this passion has morphed into Arjumand’s
World, an artisan enterprise that draws inspiration from Central
Asia, 17th-century Russia, and the Ottoman Empire. The name comes
from the Mughal princess for whom the Taj Mahal was built.
Idarica’s wallpapers and fabrics have become the cult obsession of many architects
and designers, who treasure her reinterpretation of paisley and suzani motifs as well as her
“tri-bloom” glyphs-visible on the sitting room ceiling in shades of blue and cream–which
have become an immediately identifiable classic feature of her work.
Leaving Milan made Idrica realize just how much the city was in her bones, and I am
sure we will see her back here before too long.