May 22 , 2020 happy to present You ‘The Wave’ & ‘Mosaic Birds’


In this very special period of our lives and history , a period that will be in our memories for ever ,I am happy to present You some very interesting objet d ‘Art made by young artists I have the pride and luck to be&live&work closely every day .

We were preparing for Salone del Mobile 2020 that has been canceled for the terrible reality we have all lived widely .

‘The Wave’ by Giuseppe Prinetti Castelletti

Ceramics – Gold / Bronze – dim : approx cm .25 -30 large


‘Mosaic Birds: Tragopan Satyra ; Pidgeon ; Indian Mipa ‘ by Ger Studio

Mosaic made with precious Venetian glass paste , gold leaf tesserae, natural stone and marbles – dim : approx 35/30/15

Objet d’ Art . Made by hand in Italy `items cannot be identical one from the other .